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Казахстан планирует довести переработку отходов до 40% к 2030 году


По данным Минэнерго, в стране накоплено более 28 млрд тонн отходов, из них 103 млн тонн бытовых отходов. Ежегодно образуется порядка 1

Содействовать культуры предприятия - сотрудники GEP ECOTECH подниматься на гору


Для дальнейшего улучшения личные качества, для улучшения сплоченности команды, 24 сентября 2017 года сотрудники GEP ECOTECH поднимались н

Comprehensive Upgrading of GEP ECOTECH New Logo


Development and innovation are the themes of the times. Classics also need to be transcended. In order to better enhance corporate image and build international brand, from September 2017 GEP ECOTECH starts to use the new logo.

Excessive Packaging for Dignity is Intolerable


When it is a festival, walking in the shopping mall, there are a wide range of goods and products. The sellers have put all kinds of beautiful gifts in conspicuous position, like cigarettes, wine, tea, moon-cake, health products and etc. Th

Massive Garbage Been Left after the Express Carnival, Expected to Reduce It from the Source


It is said the coin had two sides. With the rise of online shopping, the express delivery industry has been growing rapidly; and the huge amount of express garbage is becoming a problem. How to reduce the express garbage? How to recycle the

The Forecast of Market Size and Development Prospect of China's Hazardous Waste Treatment


The market prospect of China's hazardous waste treatment industry is broad. At present, a large number of hazardous waste did not enter the formal disposal market. During the 13th Five-Year planning, with the expanded of the scope of hazar

Hot Focus Speeding Up the Recycling of Waste Tires in China


Dealing with waste tires is a strategic industry to solve the black pollution and promote the resources recycling. Along with the national requirements on environmental emissions is becoming more and more strict, the production enterprises

China eco environmental protection brewing a new situation, five unprecedented issues taking shape


Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets. Improve the ecological environment is the development of productive forces. From top design to full deployment and the strictest system to the more severe rule of law, China's ecologic

How is the future of Green Takeaway? Lunch boxes waste should be supervised and managed


Since the takeaway waste has become the hotspot, people have focused on how to deal with plastic lunch boxes waste. Because the new Internet plus Food lifestyle is highly accepted, the problem of lunch boxes waste becomes particularly sever

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